Seen and Heard

This area is reserved for treasures that are not original to me-but found along the way. There are so many wonderful people who affect me, articles that move me and tidbits that are a blessing to me- and I would love to share them with you.




My sister shared this site with me recently, and it is an inspiring breath of fresh air! “The Resources” area is full of awesome activities, discussions to be had with kids, scripture memory ideas and all kinds of goodies. Every January, we sit down as a family and discuss our family goals for the coming year and evaluate the goals we had in the prior year. This site even has a template for THAT! Love Love Love this. I hope you enjoy it too.

Holiday Gratitude Rolls

Great Thanksgiving conversation-starter for the family—bake  messages right into your dinner rolls.

Holiday Gratitude Rolls

Mark Boughton Photography / styling by Teresa  Blackburn

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