As I sit on the deck in the early morning hours, I see them clearly from my perch over the lake. Like polka dots, they speckle the surface of the glassy water as they come to the top – yet, they remain quiet. Then the big one…with a loud flop and a mighty splash, I see his silver belly as he flips out of the water. He disappears just as quickly as he appeared…leaving nothing but ripples that stretch out across the water. Those ripples remain present for quite some time…evidence.

The lake is ripe for fishing.

The ones that make the biggest splash,   make the most ripples and disturb the waters most profoundly also provide the most meat and lasting nourishment. However, my perspective must be right. If I look at that fish only from my perch and see it as a disruption to perfect glassy waters, I may not appreciate it. If I get closer…throw in a line…cast a net…then, I can really appreciate the fish as a gift.

Jesus loved to fish. He loved to teach through fish.

This morning, it strikes me that trials are like fish…always just beneath the surface of seemingly glassy waters. God sends these trials -sometimes in schools- to feed our souls and grow us. Some are barely noticeable as they come to the top; they have little lasting effect and are hardly remembered. Others leave a trail of ripples that spread out far and wide leaving a lasting impression on the surface and a deep nourishment that goes far beyond expectation.

The BIG one.

This one will provide a testimony that reels us in- closer to Him than we have ever been.  He feeds us.

Today, I am thankful for the ripples that the big trials in my life have produced. They are constant and lasting reminders of God’s goodness and grace in my life. Because He first loved me.

Oh, how I love Jesus!


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