Fallow fields





wpid-20150503_175433.jpgThis is our garden. Well, it will be our garden in the coming weeks.

This patch of land has been covered for a year under a thick, dark, heavy sheet of plastic…anchored by an assortment of large rocks. While covering the land up kills the growth of weeds, grass and pretty much anything else- it also provided some time for the ground to rest and recover from the prior planting seasons. Last year, we didn’t have the opportunity to have a garden because of a series of events that took priority- so, we decided to cover our patch of dirt and leave it fallow.

According to Webster’s 1828, “Fallow” can mean a few different things:

-Unsowed; not tilled; left to rest after a year or more of tillage; as fallow ground; a fallow field.

-Left unsowed after plowing. The word is applied to the land after plowing.

-Unplowed; uncultivated.

-Unoccupied; neglected. [Not in use.]

I haven’t been writing on this blog so much lately. I think maybe God was urging me to plow some fields and let it rest for a bit. Neither unoccupied or neglected…nor unplowed and uncultivated. God has been teaching me a lot about being quiet. Listening. Watching. I am hoping for some clarity of purpose as well.

Fallow fields result in soil enrichment, improved fertility and reduces the build-up of contaminants and pests.

Much like my garden, I am waiting for the protective covering to be removed so I can receive some of the seeds God has in store for me.

New growth. It’s exciting.



A few weeks ago, the kids helped me place some seeds into the seed cups to prepare them for their growth outside. They seem to be thriving and I am looking forward to a bountiful summer harvest! Today, these young plants have been placed outside so they can acclimate to the great outdoors. I am praying for strong roots before they are transplanted into the garden and bear fruit (or vegetables, as the case may be).

I am looking forward to the time ahead of me…resting…and developing strong roots as I Bloom Where I am Planted.

Thank you for joining me on this adventure- even during fallow seasons.




2 thoughts on “Fallow fields

  1. Joanne, I always love your post and look forward to reading them even if you don’t have as much time to write as you did previously. It’s great to see you got expanding your horizons but that also gives you more to write about in the future 🙂 I miss seeing you.

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    • Thank you for the encouragement Marlene! Miss seeing you, too. It looks like there’s a new adventure on your horizon as well! Many women will be blessed as they gather and glean from your God-given wisdom.

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