Spiderman suitcase

wpid-20150122_094032.jpgThis is a Spiderman suitcase. It came into our home on Tuesday and will not depart until tomorrow. With this suitcase came a super little someone…and something wonderful.

He’s five years old- just like my little girl. Together, they have conquered a few villains this week while running the house in their super hero capes. I even saw him melt a mountain…all with a hug and three simple words.

“I love you.”

I will tell you that his presence in our home is divine providence- 100%. If I hadn’t been cleaning up the Christmas decorations in the church that day, his mother and I may not have met. She’s a missionary who serves the Lord in another place far away. She has a heart for kids…a BIG heart. She is a private lady. (Something I really appreciate in a person because I am, too.) But, wonderful things happen when two “private” people to jump in a car together and run around town. I have really enjoyed her company.

When this week started I thought I was the one helping out…serving her…blessing him. Last night, as I watched the scenes playing out before me, I realized that God was really blessing me the whole time.

Hubby had just gotten home from a business trip. He laid down on the floor and our new little friend hopped onto hubby’s stomach (quite literally). Our daughter jumped in and they all wrestled and played for a bit. When hubby relocated to his resting place of choice- the rocking chair, this little one wiggled up onto his lap. “I love you” he said. And the mountain-of-a-man before me melted. Yes, super powers indeed.

We tucked them in one by one and he wouldn’t let go of hubby’s shirt tail. Sweet, sweet spirit. The little masked man made off with all of our hearts this week.

So who is really serving here?? Who is really being blessed?

From my perspective- our family was blessed beyond measure. WAY BEYOND measure!

I am so thankful that this Spiderman suitcase found its way to our home this week…and even more thankful for its owner.

He took a little child whom he placed among them. Taking the child in his arms, he said to them,  “Whoever welcomes one of these little children in my name welcomes me; and whoever welcomes me does not welcome me but the one who sent me.”

Mark 9:36-37

Amen. When this child entered our home, there is no doubt that he brought the love of Christ with him.

Thank you Jesus for this gift.



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