Birthday Presence

Presence not presents.

Today marks 41 completed trips around the sun for this blooming blogger. So today, I want to share 41 gifts…evidence of God’s presence in my day in the form of blessings and things that simply bring a smile to my face.

1. A cool crisp morning inside the walls of our home.

2. …which created the perfect opportunity to snuggle a little longer with one of the gifts God has given me…

3. …my hubby. A gift straight from God.
4. Seeing his cow-licked swirls peeking from under the covers as I climb to the top bunk to wake him.
5. He moves mountains just to hug me in the morning…mountains of blankets and stuffed animals.
6. Soft music in the morning. Sing praise to the Lord.
7. Lunch boxes in a row
8. Her hair looks like corn silk when I brush it.
9. A smile from under her hoodie as she counts her Lucky Charms.
10. His disbelief that it’s his mother’s birthday…no way! (Oh yeah…because I never age. Right?)
11. Sharing notes from the weekend marriage conference, I Still Do, with a friend.
12. A crystal clear sky…not a cloud.
13. A soft breeze.
14. The slow and subtle change in the color of the trees.
15. A long hug extending from big, strong shoulders.
16. Eating oatmeal together over a morning devotion.
17. That moment of silence in the house as the garage door shuts…Ahhh…just me and my Bible.
18. Manna. Daily bread.
19. A 6 a.m. birthday text from a friend. Years and miles between us, but I feel like we never miss a beat.
20. My Debbie (no need to elaborate…she is amazing)
21. Leopard prints in the Fallwpid-20141006_194651.jpg
22. A long fuzzy sweater
22. And the purchase of a new pair of jeans that my hubby will approve of (not another pair that I can pull on without unbuttoning them)
23. In a smaller size
24. Two days of phone silence…broken by a birthday song from my sister.
25. Sunroof open letting in the light of the sun
26. Singing at the top of my lungs
27. Alone time with God. Praying in the car or at the bedside…blessed to have that freedom and privilege.
28. His fresh buzz cut under my fingertips.
30. A nuzzle from the pup…an example of unconditional love in flesh and fur
31. A warm home

32. Chinese take-out

33. A family video game night with Super Mario

34. followed by a movie for me and hubby.wpid-20141006_194615.jpg

35. Quality time…a huge gift! I am so blessed by each day that God gives me with this family.

36. Shopping for a new parallel Bible and having so many choices…again, blessed to live in a place where that is possible.

37. Psalm 51 and Psalm 84:10

38. They play

39. A bouquet of fresh flowers

40. A whole day to just “wing-it”.

41. My favorite b-day song. I could sing it 41 times and still sing it once more.


Thank you Lord for your gifts; Large and small. Most of all, I am thankful for the gift of salvation in Jesus Christ. Praise God from whom all blessings flow.



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