Warm Waves

We just returned from our annual family vacation to Topsail Island, NC. Sure, we returned home a little earlier than planned…but, that doesn’t change the blessings that were counted along the way.

We stay on the beach. Not at the beach or near it…on it. The house sits just on top of the dune looking out over the Atlantic Ocean and whole structure sways gently in the breeze. Some may find the motion of a house troubling…I think it’s comforting and soothing- especially at night. The breeze…the sound of the waves…the motion of the home…results in the best sleep I have all year. For a week, God himself rocks me to sleep. High tide laps at the steps that lead from the house to the soft sand. The water this year was so warm and clear; bath water. One particular morning, hubby and I awoke to find sea turtle tracks leading to and from the ocean. A momma turtle had made her way up to our neighbors steps, laid and buried her eggs, and scooted herself back into the ocean. That experience was just one more added blessing…a cherry on top of an already perfect week. This has been our home-away-from-home for three years and will continue to be our place of relaxation and refuge (Lord willing) for years to come.


…each cup of morning coffee comes with a spectacular view…



she came...and went

she came…and went


Sea turtle tracks!

Sea turtle tracks!

For 15 years or so, hubby and I have made trip after trip to the Outer Banks and points south during the first week in July. We have never been displaced by a storm…until now. On Wednesday, it became obvious that we were going to have to make the decision to stay or go as Tropical Storm Arthur was meandering Northward for a visit. Hmmm….we were on the beach, in a home that had weathered it’s share of storms, and the locals weren’t the least bit concerned. Frankly, it was a bit exciting! Until, we noticed that the dune in front of our home was just a bit lower than that of our neighbors. In fact, standing under the house – next to the truck- there was an obvious break in the dune that would be perfect for the ocean to come on through and give that deep green Ford a nice warm oceanic car wash…inside and out. A low dune, four children in the house and two grandparents and a bro-in-law who need electricity to fuel the machines that help them get restful sleep were all considerations when we decided that we needed to leave the island.

On Thursday -as Arthur was upgraded to a hurricane- our group decided that it would be best to move inland and start the journey home. Our view changed a bit, but vacation wasn’t over. We soaked in the hotel hot tub and the kids splashed in the indoor pool, got a restful nights sleep (not as restful for me…I missed the rocking motion), and woke up to sunny skies and a cool breeze for the remainder of our travels home.

Our view changed from this…

…to this.

Red sky in the morning...looking face to face with Arthur on Thursday morning.

Red sky in the morning…looking face to face with Arthur on Thursday morning.











This morning, sitting at my own kitchen table- I opened my prayer journal and saw this…


God never ceases to amaze me with his perfect timing. Displaced by a storm…yet all in His plan, safe in His hands. Blessed. Yes, each morning is new. His grace and mercy flow freely.



One thought on “Warm Waves

  1. Thank You, Joanne, for the blessing this particular post just put into my heart–or for being the conduit from God for the blessing to be felt. Never discount something as ‘trivial’ in God’s eyes. Love, Virginia

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