Praise the Lord for sick days!

Oh yea…I said that…about five minutes ago. Normally my opinion is much different. When I feel ill or see that one of the kids is going down for the count- I usually say “Noooo! I don’t have time for illness!”. Not today.Today, I say, “Stop the presses!”…”Hold all my calls”…hang a sign on the door that says “Come back tomorrow”. Don’t get me wrong- there is plenty to do around here. I actually just sat down with hubby yesterday and made the Spring honey-do list. While the illness is not a choice- boycotting the daily grind is — and today I choose her (and me).

I had just expressed to my hubby that I was eagerly awaiting Summer and the end of school. Our days are so scheduled and run like clock-work but I feel like sometimes she gets lost in the shuffle. She goes to pre-school in the morning for a few hours and comes home to eat and take a nap. We pick up big brother after nap and head home for homework and play…while I cook dinner. It’s easy to get swept up in this whirlwind of life. There really isn’t anything that can be removed- that is just how the days flow. I am tired and so are they and we are desperately in need of some down time around here. She may be struggling with her allergies today, but the Lord gave this day to both of us as a gift.

Praise the Lord for sick days!

Last year, I started a study by Women of Faith called “Resting in Him: I need to slow down but I cant!”. Notice that I said “started”? Yep, I never finished. It’s time that I finish. I need to set better boundaries and be more purposeful about resting in the Lord. I need to be intentional about serving when God wants me to serve and praying over each opportunity. (As a Martha I tend to  “do” because I can…but fail to ask the Lord if I should.) I need to rest on His promises and on what HE can do through me. I need to focus on the important ministry in this home as wife and mother.  I also need to be intentional about making moments of quiet time alone with God, alone with hubby and focused time with the kids. Ok…I said the word “need” five times there. Now, it’s time for action.


Better one handful with tranquility than two handfuls with toil and chasing after the wind. Ecclesiastes 4:6


This was scripture found in that study and one that I needed to meditate on today. As I flipped through that study notebook, I saw that underneath that scripture I had drawn a picture of me…


…even a little peace, rest, quiet is worth it. One hand to work, one hand to rest= Balance.

Equal parts!

The note in the margin from the author says “The truth is that sometimes you have to retreat in order to advance. Retreats-times when you get away from the busy demands of everyday life- allow you to recharge physically, emotionally, and spiritually.”

Can I get an “Amen!”?

Pray for me folks. This is an ongoing struggle.

Where was I …Oh, yeah. Rest. Today, this is where you can find me. I am taking off all of my hats today except one…the one that says “Mom”.



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