Blessings Blitz

For the past few days, I have been crabby. It has been an “entertaining” kind of crabby as my sarcasm is at an all time high…hubby called it “feisty”. Don’t get me wrong- I still laugh- even if it sounds closer to a villainous snicker than a joyful noise. I am annoyed and tired and behind in many tasks around this house this week. It is taking a toll.

The news annoys me…

Can you believe that a state politician was on the news last night saying that we need to de-criminalize pot so that when young kids get caught with it they don’t have an “unfair stigma” and blot on their record at a young age. “Unfair stigma”? For real? Last time I checked it was called a CONSEQUENCE…a direct response to a chosen action. Grrrrrrrr!

Facebook annoys me… Nothing specific. It always has.

A family close to ours is moving this week and I don’t like it.

My son’s birthday is this week and I am not prepared. And when did 8 years pass? That means I got older somewhere in there.

Oh wait, I went to the hair salon last night and I have COMPLETELY gray hair. I have not colored in 2 years and it now shows. (sigh) I DID get older. For real.

The laundry is sitting…the snow is finally gone and the yard needs help…the fence needs mended because the puppy keeps getting out…oh, the puppy.

The puppy is getting “fixed” next week and it can’t happen soon enough. He has become down right annoying in his hormonally challenged state. And he eats stink bugs! While it may be good in keeping the population in our home down…it stinks!

This morning I opened my Bible to 2 Corinthians to see a familiar scripture.

For if the willingness is there, the gift is acceptable according to what one has, not according to what he does not have.

2 Corinthians 8:12.

While it applies to generosity and giving…I think this morning it was a reminder from God to check my ‘tude at the door. I could flap my gums talking about the stuff that annoys me, or I could focus on what is good and wonderful in my world. Thanks is a gift. I can choose to give thanks according to what I have- or withhold thanks because of what I lack. (Or the common sense that the politicians lack…sorry. Couldn’t resist.) Giving is a choice…giving thanks is, too.

So I decided to start right here…right now…at the table where I sit and read every morning. It’s time for a blessings blitz. Just pictures. No more words. There is plenty to be thankful for. I am truly blessed.

wpid-20140402_073925.jpg wpid-20140402_073617.jpg wpid-20140401_161045.jpg wpid-20140401_161148.jpg wpid-20140401_161323.jpg wpid-20140401_161410.jpg wpid-20140401_161549.jpg wpid-20140401_161647.jpg wpid-20140401_161900.jpg wpid-20140401_162101.jpg

 (I love the way his hair sticks up. It results in a smile every time. )

Look around you! Is there breath in your lungs? Then you have something to be thankful for. Don’t forget to count your blessings and give thanks according to what you have…not according to what you lack.


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