Yes…I am still here.

My house has been momentarily turned on end. This too shall pass. It’s just “stuff”. I mean, illness happens- right? And some of the chaos is a reflection of a choice I made or a choice that someone else made for me. It’s anything but quiet right now…but, God seems so quiet. The ONLY word I am hearing right now…over and over…

You will keep in perfect peace

he whose mind is steadfast,

because he trusts in you.

Trust in the Lord forever,

for the Lord, the Lord himself, is the Rock eternal.

Isaiah 26 3-4

That’s it.

But, if I am hearing that,

and trusting that,

and am receiving peace like that,

from The Rock like that…

then, Praise the Lord.

Since October we have been passing around illness. I had my second turn on Christmas day. Awesome. But, I didn’t let it get me down. I returned from our holiday travel to a reminder. Thanks to our current President, our family’s insurance is not only going to be cancelled in June- but, they decided that they no longer want to pay for the medication that I use to regulate my blood pressure. Seriously? They are getting rid of me in a few months anyways. Why bother? But, my doctor complied and that change landed me in the ER. No biggie…I wasn’t worried. As I was in the ER, Isaiah 26 was given to me again.  I know that God has my back.  But, that put my hubby on edge for a few days.  Then we introduced a puppy to our home but that change to our household happened to fall on a week with a series of snow days. The kids were home and CRAZY with cabin fever. Our older dog got a little stressed out and all of these things combined are stressing me out.

For a week or so- I have been wondering if blogging has run it’s course for me. However, if I am really blogging about God’s presence in my daily life, I know that I will continue because He is ALWAYS present. Maybe I have been a bit distracted. Yes. That is the problem. I am not listening. And I am not hearing or seeing. Get these kids back to school! Get me some meds that don’t cause issues! And get me some doggie calming aids so we can train and be a pack!

Then, in the middle of the chaos, a friend called. She is a living, breathing blessing who has been placed in my life by the Lord himself. She had another organizing task that she needed help on and I LOVE to organize. I packed up the kids and spent the most WONDERFUL day… sitting on the floor with her, talking, folding, organizing, and sorting. At peace. It was the single most blessed moment I have had in the past 10 days. (even better than puppy kisses!) I am so thankful that in the midst of ridiculous chaos- God offers me perfect peace…and I accept. That is not something I could have claimed even a few years ago. I am also so thankful for friends that God is placing in my life and the encouragement to open up to people.

“I am here.” That’s what He says. And, even though I haven’t been focused on listening and hearing lately…that is what I know.


One thought on “Yes…I am still here.

  1. Hi Joanne, thanks so much for the reassuring scripture reminding us to keep our focus on God and His word to us. Blessings and love to you and your family, Cathie and Mary Burke

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