Catching up on blessings

They’re gifts…placed in every day. Laughs. Provision. Sometimes they are beautiful from the start and sometimes they start ugly or painful and transform into things of beauty at a later date.


Have you counted yours lately?

2260. Prayer….the ability and privilege to talk to God.

2261. …and the blessing of a response.

2263. A fabulous Christmas card from an equally fabulous family- all “ducked” out in their Dynasty finest.

2264. Realizing that I had started numbering by blessings over again…and discovering that I am really in the 2000’s not the 1000’s anymore.

2265. Warm cookies

2266. Unexpected provision

2267. Lunch with friends

2268. Alone time with hubby as we prepare for our holiday travel


2270. They travel well…fun for many many hours

2271. Christmastime with family…from MD to FL. Good times with great folks!

2272. He asks me to wake her up so they can play before he goes to school.

2273. Kids crafts displayed all over our home…angels, trees, reindeer and handprints.

2274. Headache relief

2275. Fresh foodwpid-20131230_123805.jpg

2276. Dinner the girls

Among these blessings were many more and I thought I’d share just a few…

The beauty of old things. Craftsman took pride in everything from the frivolous to the functional.

What a blessing to see these things so many years later. Sharing pieces of our country’s history with our children.wpid-20131230_113553.jpg

Cousins in a conga-line. wpid-20131230_143556.jpg

Playing and spinning around til they fall over…it’s the little things that bring kids joy. Something I want to emulate. wpid-20131227_203149.jpg



A snow day puzzle. My times have changed.

Give thanks to the Lord, for He is GOOD!


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