Give thanks to the Lord, for He is good!

Last night, we arrived home after a weekend away to celebrate the marriage of a friend. We tossed in some laundry, ate a quickie supper, and rushed off to bed. My hubby had to drive to Massachusetts at 3am. I awoke to a completely silent home…other than the snoring coming out of one of the rooms…and began to pray. This morning, I prayed as I walked down the hall for safe travel for hubby. I prayed for our son as I made his lunch- for a good day at school, for protection and the ability to bless a fellow student who may need a friend. I prayed for our daughter as I made her waffles- that she would recognize the Lord’s voice when He calls her. And then I prayed for myself as I walk through this day. I prayed that God would order my steps and keep me steady during these next few days of Thanksgiving prep.  I prayed that God would lead me to sit and play with my kids instead of getting lost in the laundry. I prayed for focus on something…anything…focused, not scattered.


Then I sat down and opened the Open Windows daily devotion, I turned to yesterdays entry to see what I missed. Interestingly…it was about prayer.

I just had a chat with a woman last week at Bible study about that very thing. Yes, we are to pray expectantly for healing, for blessing, for our children, for our marriages, for friends and loved ones. We pray to be challenged, for growth, for guidance and for a word…and we pray… and we pray…and we pray. But, could there be times when we cross the line between praying expectantly and delivering a speech or a lecture to the Lord? What makes us think we can demand anything from our God? I like to pray His Word, but there may be times that God has other plans for me than the promises woven through the scripture I felt led to pray. I must never forget…God’s will be done. Not mine. He is the most high God and I need to shut up my mouth and open my ears and my heart to His will for me. There’s no telling where He may lead me.

I forgot to mention the other surprise that awaited me at the table this morning…it was blessing #1177. Hey, in this week leading up to Thanksgiving- it is a perfect time to count those blessings. Give thanks to the Lord! He is good!

1152. They sit at the breakfast table and listen as hubby reads from Psalm

1153. A friend who incites laughter on a heavy hearted day

1154. The smell of a good dinner lingering in the house

1155.  She received her very first trophy

1156. Quiet time in the car sitting in the parking lot at church while the kids are in choir.

1157. Awesome kids! They dress themselves, he packs his lunch and makes breakfast without even being asked.

1158. …which makes for smooth mornings

1159. Deacon ordination. A foot washing with fathers, sons and brothers. An unexpected tear-jerker.

1160. Family Mario Cartwpid-20131116_165719.jpg

1161. Legos- they play…TOGETHER…for hours

1162. You Lord, YOU!

1163. He was asked to play a shepherd in the Christmas choir production.

1164. …and he accepted!wpid-20131122_115715.jpg

1165. An early morning- the first in a while

1166. Wellness in our home

1167. A chaotic day which held opportunity to serve.

1168. Seeing her hubby sitting next to her in church on Wednesday.Praise the Lord for the work that he does and continues to do.

1169. He sings at the table and it’s beeeeeautiful!

1170. A hug from a stranger after finding his lost cell phone

1171. A girl with many hats…a future multi-tasking mommy in training.

1172. Helping them on their special wedding day.

1173. Realizing that I have my Dad’s eye for detailswpid-20131125_080452.jpg

1174. …and service.

1175. Family- lots of it

1176. My aunt is here for the week! Thank you Lord for answered prayers.

1177. A card from hubby left on the table. He left at 3am for business but still found a way to tell me he loved me first thing in the morning.


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