The Blessing of a burden-bearing hubby

When I staggered from my bed this morning…I knew I wanted to post on my blessings. I have been counting them, but haven’t shared them in a while. I have been sick for the past few days, so I really want to focus on the blessings around me so I am not tempted to wallow in the tissues and NyQuil. This morning, counting those blessings was easier than ever.

You see, this week was all lined up to be a busy one. Our son had a field trip yesterday, we have two soccer games, our daughter has a field trip Thursday, we have regular activities and are preparing for grandparents to come for a week-long visit. The fridge needs stocked, the house needs cleaned, the laundry needs done, and we just painted this weekend so the kitchen needs to be put back together. I have said “no” to soccer practice on Thursday, but the fundraiser pizza still needs to be retrieved. The pool is still not closed …and, oh…I am not even going to look in the backyard at the things we need to do out there. Life is busy and we have been trying to not get lost in our “to-do’s”. As a result, there are many things that have been put aside momentarily. Frankly, I have been enjoying it.

This past Saturday, we had NOWHERE to be. That’s such a rare gem of a moment. Furthermore, the kids were playing….together…nicely! All day long, they played inside…outside…downstairs and up. It was so wonderful. So hubby and I seized the moment to paint the kitchen. We have had the paint and supplies for months now- and the moment had arrived. (And I will note: It looks FABULOUS!) I love working alongside of my hubby. We work well together and it can be a lot of fun. We danced, goofed off, he painted our names across the walls before they were covered over and we it was actually very relaxing to have this time together. Yes, we were sore and displaced from the kitchen for a few days…but it was time together (at home!) that was overdue. This kind of work really showcases our differences and how those differences complement the other’s strengths. For example, I don’t mind cutting-in when we paint. I have a pretty steady hand and am comfortable working slowly to get the job done. Hubby, would prefer to handle the paint roller while on the ladder. As I sit here thinking about it, this fits perfectly into what we are discussing in Women’s Bible Study, True Woman 101: Divine Design” by Mary Kassian and Nancy Leigh Demoss.


Back to those blessings. Yesterday, my hubby was worried a little that I was not getting the rest I needed to get well. I have never been really good a sitting still. There is always something to be done (this week in particular) and the work of a stay-at-home mom doesn’t have set hours. It is what it is. I assured him that I would take it all in stride, but….well, he knows me. Last night, he came charging in ready to rescue me, as if he were on a white horse. He made dinner, completed some of those around-the-house tasks that need to be done and kept chasing me back to the couch. I AM BLESSED! I am not an easy patient…but, he is so patient.

Husbands, love your wives, just as Christ loved the church…love his wife as he loves himself…” Ephesians 5:22-33

(I summarized…frankly, if he comes home and finds me blogging he will pluck me from my seat and send me back to bed. Please open your Bible and read the whole passage! The last portion says “the wife must respect her husband“…so I have to finish up here and honor his efforts today. )

This morning, as I am laying in bed, I can hear the kids playing and hubby chasing behind them getting them ready for school. He came in at one point and I tried to get out of bed. His response,  “Lay down and sleep. I’ve got this.”. I wanted to get up to take more medicine and couldn’t figure out for the life of me how he was going to get the youngest to preschool and be on time for work. I wandered out to the kitchen to see what was going on. The kids were shuffling out the door. “I am paying for childcare today for her so you can take care of yourself. I want you to be well for our trip this weekend.”

What? What was that?

‘I am paying for childcare today for her so you can take care of yourself.

I want you to be well for our trip this weekend.”

I was floored. He said he would sort out the details of before and after care at her preschool and left me with specific instructions. No groceries, no moving furniture, no cleaning…

Go Back To Bed!

Speechless. If you’re a mom like me. Stay-at-home or otherwise then the list of blessings should be running through your head…I AM BLESSED!

2130. Coffee on a sore throat.

2131. Medicine that facilitates sound sleep, uninterrupted

2132. My incredible husband…my hero!

2133. A preschool who has flexibility in times of need.wpid-20131011_151541.jpg

2134. Understanding the value of a day off…no matter what the reason.

2135. He has a job…

2136. …and they are accommodating.

2137. God’s provision (too numerous to count out)

2138. A pajama day

2139. The peace and calm that our freshly painted kitchen facilitates. It really is a nice place to be.

2140. A warm home…and I am not talking about the four walls and the roof either.

2141. A visit from a GoOD girlfriend- long overdue and so FUN!wpid-20131014_202339.jpg

2142. Chocolate and fried chicken…the blessings she brings.

2143. A special gift from a special friend- she is so creative and thoughtful!

2144. Some time away with hubby for our tenth anniversary…although we haven’t gone on the trip just yet- I am blessed with anticipation!

2145. Grandparents! All of them.

Lord, thank you for the gifts that you have provided. Thank you for the tremendous blessing of my hubby.  As he shoulders the burden of being a father, mother ,a diligent worker, caregiver, homemaker, protector, provider, chef and taxi driver…and much more…I pray for strength, patience, wisdom and perseverance.  He is a strong spiritual leader and steward of the gifts you provide. Lord, he is  such a blessing to me and to this family. Heal my body and  prepare us for our time together. Lord, I know that all good and perfect things come from above…if illness is another way for me to “be still” and rest in you. Then I welcome this time with open palms. Amen.


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