I spy…treasure!

image My son brought home this book from the school library. If you have never checked out an “I SPY” book, you need to do so. There are pictures upon pictures of items all jumbled up and they give you a list of items to find in the picture. I think my hubby and I have spent more time with this particular book than the kids have this week. It’s truly FUN!

This particular book is centered on a water town with a lighthouse and an island off of the coast that had a cave with treasure in it. There was also a barn that had various items inside…I suspect those items were a “treasure” to someone else; something tucked away because they didn’t want to part with it. Each of us have something (or someone) that are important to us, a hobby we spend time with, something we collect, a sport we enjoy, a project, a job, children, a spouse, money, club or service. There are also bad things that we treasure too; any “vice” like gambling, alcohol, drugs, selfish ambitions, and the kind of “me time” that causes us to neglect our loved ones. The things that we treasure are a reflection of our heart…and that is where the potential problem lies.

For where your treasure is, there your heart will be also.

Matthew 6:21


Wednesday morning, I woke up and looked outside to find a low lying fog blanketing the ground. As I looked out the window, I found myself viewing the hodge-podge of items in the back yard much like an “I SPY” book.  As I gazed out the window, the thought popped into my head, “All of this stuff will be in a scrap heap forty years from now.” Then I began to think and reflect: Do I treasure any of these things? Are they important to me or are they just things? Do I use them for other people or just for myself? How much money and time did/do I invest in each of these things that I could be spending with someone else or serving someone else? I won’t tell you the answers I came up with but, trust me, it was an interesting reflecting time. When stuff becomes more important than those around me- then I need to re-think my priorities. If there is anything that I wouldn’t willingly share to help someone else- then I need to ask myself “why?”. If I pull back on my service at church because my kids have a conflicting sports commitment then where is my treasure at that moment?

I SPY…treasure! Where or what is my treasure? Whatever I treasure most is what captivates my heart. If God is not the center of my heart- if I do not treasure Him and his calling for me- If I don’t obey his commands for me and pursue my own heart’s desires…then where is my treasure? Is my treasure going to be in the scrap heap in 40 years? Or am I storing up my treasure in Heaven?


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