Scheduled spontanaeity

imageYep…I said it. “Scheduled spontaneity”.

Isn’t that an oxymoron?

Yes, it is. But, I am the moron if I continue down this road.

Overwhelmed again. I have been helping out with some things at church, school has begun for two kids (in two separate locations), soccer for one, Men/Boys group at church for the other, preparing for a meeting at our home, and filling in at Sunday School…and that is all THIS week alone. I need to make time for volunteer hours at school, we have family pictures on Monday and the kids really need their hair cut before hand…but, wait! We need food to serve for the gathering at our home on Saturday! I have two hours today while she is in pre-K…I can do this. I didn’t exercise again this morning…I was too busy crying. I think I needed that. While all of the things we are doing and participating in are good- heaped together they can actually be a detriment to this little family. As a “quality time” girl- I can tell you that passing my hubby in the garage 3 days in a row is definitely taking it’s toll.

This morning when I woke up, the first word that God placed in my mind was “joy”. I prayed immediately for the Lord to remind me that joy- true joy- comes from Him. While my kids, hubby, accomplished tasks, a clean home and a crossed off to-do list have the ability to result in happiness (an expression on my face)…JOY comes from God the Father. I went out to the kitchen to pour my coffee and another reminder was placed before me…


May the God of hope fill you with all joy and peace.

Romans, 15:13

It was on my coffee cup…the same cup I use every day, but a reminder for today. Thank you, Jesus.

At church on Wednesday, I had mentioned to a friend (who also has a hard time saying “no”) that I had a Bible study at home that I had purchased in May that I really wanted to start but didn’t have the time. The title…”Resting in Him: I need to slow down, but I can’t!”. Now tell me, how ridiculous is it to say out loud to someone that you want to start a Bible study on slowing down, but I can’t slow down enough to do it? Yes, completely ridiculous.

Today was the day.

As I read the Foreward, I knew that this was at God’s urging…today…for me. “And one more thing a crammed lifestyle will do is convince us that we are only as valuable as what we can achieve in a day…It’s not wrong to have a full life or even a busy agenda, but when it costs you or your family more than it should, it’s time to re-evaluate.” Wise words, Patsy Clairmont…wise words.

Just yesterday, while looking at our family calendar, I blocked out a week with the words “Just say NO”. I don’t want to become so good at saying “no” that I ignore the areas where God wants me to serve or overlook the needs of others, but I need to seek the Lord in all things and take what HE gives me…not everything that I am handed. For weeks I had been looking at pictures on Facebook of others biking, canoeing, or just lounging around with their kids. All the while, wondering why we don’t have time for that. Yes, coveting down-time. We have not been for a bike ride as a family since the Spring and we don’t spend time in the yard like we used to…unless mowing is involved. It’s time! I am going to schedule some spontaneity. If that’s how it has to start then so be it. My joy comes from the Lord and that cannot be stolen. But, some happiness as I enjoy time with my family is long overdue.

I look forward to this Bible study each morning. Personally, I think we could all use a refresher on “Resting in Him”. Slow down…you can.


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