Progress…the fruits (and veggies) of our labor

imageThis is a picture of our garden which was taken 2 weeks ago. Since, the squash plants on the left have grown to be about three feet tall, tomato plants have started reaching for the sun, and the peas, beans, cucumber and peppers are curling, shooting, and stretching as well. Growth in the garden is a blessing (#770)…growth in the Lord is a gift, blessing and a miracle.

Have you counted your blessings lately?

771. Doing her hair

772. They play Legos…Spiderman and the Princess

773. Wants vs. Needs. Thankful that I have few of both. Praise the Lord for provision. wpid-20130529_170846.jpg

774. A belly laugh…she drew whiskers on her face with marker insisting that she cannot be a cat without them

775. A cookout with wonderful, Godly families. Fellowship much needed.

776. Date night

777. A slow, quiet night…perusing the book store.

778. Laughter- the first dip in the pool of this summer season.

779. An accountability partner and friend for him…and a breakfast date. God and bacon- two of his favorite things.

780. He reads to his sister

781. …and she hangs on every word.

782. That “finally” feeling

783. She cried because she missed breakfast with her Daddy. A relationship is growing.

784. A surprise lunch with my son at school

785. Indigo stain- a box of color on my front door step

786. Simple pleasureswpid-20130611_110138.jpg

787. Much needed time with a GOoD girlfriend

788. Rain to set the pace for the day

789. She plays dolls with a friend

790. A sleepover to finish the school year…a chorus of kid’s giggles

791. A safe home with a strong, vigilant hubby- safety and peace with the Lord in the face of tragedy.

792. Working hard with songs of praise setting my tempo.

793. Thirty One- woot!wpid-20130610_121438.jpg

794. Mowing the lawn…so he doesn’t have to.

795. A race

796. A well placed reminder…count every blessing. There are none too small.



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