Rumpus Interrupted

wpid-20130610_154657.jpgSchool is out and summer has officially begun. Rain or no rain…let the wild rumpus start!

This morning I had plans for these kids and managed to keep it a surprise. If you know me, then you know that keeping a secret when I am super excited is a big thing. We went off to Build-A-Bear Workshop this morning and each kid picked a furry little friend; one complete with a tutu and high heels, the other in an Iron Man costume. We were off to a great start. We had never been to that store before and it was a treat for all of us. Then the next surprise…we bought a membership to the closest children’s museum and spent three hours having fun while learning. (shhh…don’t tell them that they were learning. OK?) Our summer vacation has officially begun: tunneling, building, balancing, climbing, dancing, water-playing, body moving, artistic fun!

Then, the phone call. On our way home the State Police put out a phone call asking for the help of the County residents in finding a missing 10 year old girl. All of a sudden the wild rumpus came to a complete stop. Ok…now, be still. I listened to the description and noted the general area and began thinking to myself as I drove up the main road toward home, ‘Maybe she wandered off. That’s a pretty big area. I wonder where she was. I hope she’s at a friend’s house and forgot to ask her parents. Oh, my. Today is the first day of summer vacation…and everyone knows it. Even the bad guys.” As I am thinking these thoughts I turn onto the little narrow country road that leads us toward home. As the woman in front of me rounded the curve in the road she slammed on her brakes. Her pick-up truck fishtailed and the smell of burning rubber filled the air. As I rounded the corner behind her…bloodhounds and State Troopers. Uggh. This is too close to home. I asked the trooper where she was last seen and he confirmed my fear. This was not just a roadblock- this was the place. Does this girl go to my son’s school? “Kids, when we get home I need you to play inside today.” The wild rumpus was definitely over- at least for today.

I try to be optimistic and think of all of the possible scenarios…and then as I am sitting here typing this very blog, another message. A second child has been missing since last night. WHAT IS GOING ON HERE!? This world is messed up… this I know. God is in control of all circumstances…this I know. All we can do is pray. We don’t know all of the details of this particular situation or of ANY situation for that matter. Only God knows. Praying again. We had our windows open all night last night. Did someone enter their homes? I still don’t know the circumstances. I feel my heart race as I sit here watching my kids play. These are my kids!

Then a still small voice…He willingly gave His son. His ONLY son for me. What an unfathomable sacrifice. To lose a child is gut wrenching; I cannot imagine giving mine to save a murderer, liar, cheat, drunk, idolater, thief…a sinner like me.

Take every thought captive and make it obedient to Christ. (2 Corinthians 10:5)

Cast all of my anxiety on him because he cares for me. (1 Peter 5:7)

Set your mind on things above, not on earthly things. (Colossians 3:2).

And give thanks in all things (1Thes 5:18)

Thank you Lord for a wonderful morning with my children. Thank you for each and every moment we are gifted. Thank you for a home, food, a church family, a job, salvation, protection and your help in times of trouble. I pray for these families and all of the families in the community tonight as these events unfold.

Inhale His goodness and mercy. Exhale His patience and peace. God is present in daily life. He calms me when my heart responds to circumstances and assures me that He’s got this…even this.


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