And I am not talking about the game either! Bejeweled in blessings…God’s gifted gems.

wpid-20130511_211238.jpg699. Early to Bible Study- God girlfriend time

700. The Lord’s strength to care for a sick family.

701. Silliness

702. Sick day snuggles

703. Truth in the Word

704. Peace

705. Quiet

706. A ride in a golf cart with a princess…a true joy ride.

707. the company of fabulous women

708. the joy in her smile as she found her “pet” caterpillar exactly where she left it the night before.

709. Provision…with a capital ‘P’!


710. hand pick flowers and my favorite bracelet

711. a bejeweled box and a necklace made by little hands…special creations

712. Friends/neighbors who can jump in to help with the kids at a moment’s notice

713. …and a preschool who can do the same.

714. Teamwork in a marriage

715. Short day of jury duty

716…followed by lunch with my hubby

717. …and a looooong awaited pedicure.

718. A cool breeze under the umbrella on a hot day

wpid-20130520_164930.jpg719. a fresh white picket fence (not the offensive kind) around the new vegetable garden


720. A slightly cleaner kitchen floor
721…thanks to an impromptu water gun battle.

722. Three generations at the zoo…lots of monkey business.

723. a birthday party for my incredible, awesome, special sister

724. Cousins playing

725…and tears when she wakes up at home missing her cousins.

726. Memorial Day! The blessing of the immeasurable sacrifice of so many men and women for the freedom of this nation and it’s inhabitants. Many who gave their lives for me and my present day freedom.

727.  And the blessing of One who gave his life for many…freedom for an eternity.


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