Juror #99…perspective from a room without a view

Well, it’s Thursday morning and I am sitting in the basement room of the courthouse again. There are no windows or natural light, but there is perspective to be gained from where I am sitting. So, Yes! There is a view-and I pray that God will change that view for me.

Earlier this week I prayed that God would change my attitude toward my week on the hook as a juror. I didn’t want to do this begrudgingly even though I had the potential to miss a lot of great things in the lives of my kids this week. On MY docket this week were a field trip to the dairy farm with my daughter, field day with my son and the preschool commencement and concert on the last day of school for my daughter. I didn’t want to miss any of these things, but prayed that God would use me and help me to bloom where I was planted. Monday, I was in the courthouse but was sent home early. Tuesday and Wednesday I did get to go on the field trip and to field day…then there’s today. God planted me in the basement of that courthouse and I am missing my daughters commencement concert. My heart sank when I heard my number on the recording last night. I started praying again, “God, change my heart.”

Perspective. I can choose to have my perspective in the flesh, or I can choose to filter out the muck of feelings and negativity through the silt pan of God’s Word and look for the gold nuggets that remain.

Do everything without grumbling or arguing. Philippians 2:14

This morning, I am missing her concert and it’s not fair. Hubby has to go to work before her program and I hope he isn’t late for it. I went out to pick roses from the garden for her teacher and the beatles have eaten through most of the leaves and I found some worms feasting too. The breakfast dishes are still in the sink and I didn’t get to the laundry before I left. The bus was early and we almost missed it. My hands-free ear piece broke when I put it on. And there is so signal in this basement room so I don’t even know if this blog will post. I want to go home- this is such a waste of time.

Give thanks in all circumstances for this is God’s will for you in Jesus Christ. 1 Thessalonians 5:18

Lord, thank you for waking me up early and giving me time with my daughter. Helping her with her favorite dress and placing each ponytail with care was a blessing. The roses that you created are a beautiful gift that she will be proud to give her teacher this morning. Thank you for a hubby who suggested that he video the event so I can hear her sing and see her joy on this last day of school celebration. Thank you for getting us to the bus in time and for the opportunity to serve in the community as I fulfill my civic duty. Thank you for neighbors who can help with our children as the need arises. Lord, you have blessed me this week as I got to particiate in my kids activities…now, change my heart so I can bloom where you have planted me today. Amen.


God’s view…or mine? I like the gold nuggets that were left after all of those feelings were sifted out. I think I’ll keep them.

This week I have been reading in Jeremiah 29. I am going to paraphase because my signal isn’t strong enough for my online Bible. God told the people that they were going to be in captivity inder Babylonian rule for a while. He told them to make the most of it…build houses, plant gardens, marry and live. If they tried to shake off the yolk or even falsely proclaim that God was going to liberate them soon, they would trade that wooden yolk for one of steel. Chill…bloom…live…don’t fight it. That mesage this morning couldn’t have been more timely.


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