Walk…do not run.

Yesterday, my hubby was playing in a golf marathon to raise money for the Christian School affiliated with our church. He had been sick in the days before and felt really guilty about golfing instead of going to work. However, he had sponsors and still wasn’t up to par (he he, yep, I said that) so he went to the golf course. After days of laying, sitting and resting- he happily declared that using his muscles was exactly what he needed. He still is not 100% health-wise…but his muscles were primed, he got good rest, and went off to work today to catch up. Taking that day was a good thing on so many levels.

I was worried about him, so I stopped into the golf course and was happy to see that he was still standing. I had spent the week not only looking after a sick hubby- but, also a sick son. I had so much “catching up” to do around the house and nothing from my infamous “to do” list had been accomplished. My plan was to check on him and move on. A few of my favorite women from church were there helping out. They are inspiring, real, beautiful, fun and godly ladies…and I found that I didn’t want to leave. I even whined a bit. I never have the opportunity to just hang out like this. When I see these ladies it’s during church, between Sunday School and worship, or during Bible Study. So, this was a real treat. After some urging, I went to pick up my daughter at preschool and brought her back to the golf course. I knew it was nap time, and she can be…well, vivacious. But, this turned out to be the best decision I could have made. I spent the day riding around in a golf cart with my 3 year old princess. There was so much to see: Frogs…turtles…butterflies…a family of geese with six little babies…a long black snake that “stuck his tongue out and looked right at her”…a lizard…bunnies…and hills that brought tummy tickles worthy of any good rollercoaster (at least in her eyes). And of course, her hero…Daddy…was there too. It was the most refreshing afternoon and one I’d love to duplicate sooner than later.

This morning, I was getting ready to begin my study time. Sitting at the kitchen table with the slider open- I became aware of an epic battle going on right in my own back yard! The crows were outnumbered 2 to 5 by the mockingbirds. WOW! The agility, team work and tactical maneuvers they were exhibiting were insane! The crow would take off, the mockingbirds would fearlessly attack by either pecking or hurling their whole body at the big bird. Only last year, they were unleashing this same fury on my dog as he was trying to nap in the backyard. It was obvious that there were eggs at stake – and this year I found myself rooting for those ruthless little creatures. The beauty of the moment happened when I called my son over to the door to watch with me. He narrated, laughed, got excited…and even noted that he was glad that it was the crows this time and not his dog. He asked a few questions and then I felt him lean into me and he quietly slipped his little hand into mine. This moment could have been missed if I had stayed focused on my plans. All of these moments could have been missed.


Thank you Lord for reminding me to walk…and not run through this life. Summer is coming and the calendar is filling up with VBS, beach plans, swimming lessons etc. It would be easy to miss moments like this if I stick to the plan. Children grow so fast and while I know the plans I have mapped out- I need to always remember that it is GOD who orders my steps. Thank you Lord for these moments!


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