God Bless You!

Something I have been saying a lot lately in response to the sneezes incited by my daughter’s allergies. But, really….God Bless YOU! He has already. Look around and start counting.

485. Yellow capri pants- an outward expression of inward happiness

486. Women’s Bible Study…so many blessings within those three words

487. The smell of a roast cooking as I enter the house

488. A heavy, heavy rain

489. He sits on the floor, nose to nose with the dog- and they stare at each other. Wait for it…..BIG wet kiss!polkadots

490. Breakfast with the family at the Waffle House. Chocolate chip waffles

491. A whole day together

492. A great movie with no foul language

493. …and good tears to go with it.

494. sleep

495. Sunday!

496. A sky decorated with polka dots- God’s unique creation

506. Ignoring the nutrition label on a package marked “salt and sweet” Yummmm!

507. The princess is nappingwpid-20130415_122658.jpg

508. He giggles while reading in bed

509. I love his laugh…pure joy.

510. She’s outside on the deck yelling “you’re the best!” and chattering away. When I ask who she is talking to, she responds exuberantly “To God!”

511. A text received “I am praying for you today”

512. Prayers- no more mending fences, time to de-fence

514. Realizing that I can’t, but He can.

514. She cries because she really wants to go to church (but can’t due to illness)

515.  He went back out after a long day at work and evening at church to get his baby girl some meds.wpid-20130419_113246.jpg

516. Easy bedtimes- we are so blessed.

517. Wind chimes- gently clanging

518. Being a mother

519. …and being there when she needs me to hold her hair and her hand through the night.

520. She concentrates on her work.

521. goofing off my my sisters



560. A morning with a good, long, deep dig into scripture

561. An overheard story that contains the words “Mommy is happy…because she’s beautiful.” Even when I don’t feel that I outwardly reflect either on occasion- she sees what is inside.

562. Flowers falling from the trees look like snowwpid-20130420_211635.jpg

563. Apple butter

564. He chops and preps for the pasta salad- acts of service

565. …and goes to the grocery store for new “fruit pizza” ingredients when I flop the first attempt.

fruitpizza566. Colorful culinary creations

567. A slow dance in the kitchen- a long time coming

568. A wardrobe revival courtesy of my sister

569. A day of heaven- lunch with a family of friends. Common interests and unique individuals- FRESH AIR to my SOUL!

570. A walk in the woods

571. they play in the streamwpid-20130423_095831.jpg

572. He sings in the shower “You are good…and your love endures forever”

573. A house FULL of kids on a day off

574. No longer on my back…firmly on my feet.

575. A bike ride at the waters edge alone…sweet solitude.


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