Just a little talk with Jesus

I am blogging from the road today…the birth of a new child is an exciting thing! No, it’s not mine; but a member of our extended family…a girl born to two close friends. BLESSINGS ABOUND!

This morning, as I continued walking through Isaiah- I came across an exciting chapter. The later part of chapter 65 is down-right thrilling! Read it for yourself…typing on my phone keyboard gives me thumb cramps. Ha ha

Verse 24 really, really thrilled me!

Isaiah 65:24 NIV

Before they call I will answer; while they are still speaking I will hear.

Let me tell you…I love talking to God. But, that kind of open and constant interaction is awesome!  I mean,sure-there are
times when He answers immediately when I pray, ask a question, need correction or need direction…but MAN! I want this! It reminds me of a song from my puppeting days-Just a Little Talk with Jesus.

(I hope this works from my phone-but if not look it up! It’s the Oakridge Boys version…a real toe tapper.)

And another favorite…Operator by Manhattan Transfer.
Have you had your talk with Jesus today?


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