God’s gracious gifts

In addition to the blessings and gifts found in God’s Word -He gives us blessings in daily life, in every moment of every day…in every breath, in the quiet moments with our spouse and in the loud moments as we cheer on our kids,  every ray of sun and drop of rain, opportunities to minister to others, every trial, and every triumph- large and small. Over the past 3 days, I have counted over 70 blessings. By no means am I bragging about this awesome endowment…but GOD IS GOOD!  I’d love to share them all, but instead, I’ll encourage you to count some of your own.

Have you counted your blessings today?

438. Seven years of life with my sonwpid-20130409_075357.jpg

439. celebrating with friends and family

440. Lego creations- created with pridewpid-20130409_164454.jpg

441. my “seester”

442. lunch as a gang

443. She made it to church…without the couch. Praise the Lord for healing!

444.. a beautiful sunrise..

445. …on an early morningwpid-20130409_070736.jpg

446. He orders my steps

447. generous, sharing friends

448. a full Sunday School room

449. A sermon and lesson that are woven together- a basket to deliver God’s Word and truth

450. they play Legos together before he leaves for work- quality time for father and son

451. an invitation to travel with my hubby on business to a city we want to explore together

452….and with the help of family, I was able to say “yes!”

wpid-wp-1365459148684.jpg460. rosemary bread dipped in olive oilwpid-20130409_162311.jpg

461. bare feet

470. Flowers…cutting and arranging them into a masterpiece that still pales in comparison to God’s natural work.

471. an afternoon visit with a special friend who has been sorely missed…

472. …and a walk down the lane with our flower pickin’ girls.

473. a reminder “Shut up! The Lord will fight for you. Just. Be. Quiet.” Exodus 14:14 (thanks girl!)


474. she’s wiped out from a day of fun- flower still behind her ear

475. allergy meds to ease her discomfort

476. a gentle giant, resting in the tall grass

wpid-20130408_180320.jpg480. Loooooong shadows in the evening

481. a loving husband and children who enjoy and share in God’s blessings with me daily!


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