Blessings Abound


I normally don’t post so many times in one week, but this week has been special. It’s not like God is talking to me more this week- because He speaks every day. I think the joy is overflowing in such a way that I just feel like sharing…like shouting!

His Blessings Abound!

As I sit here on this Thursday morning before Easter; I couldn’t help but open the sliding glass door just a bit. Yes, it’s cold. But, the air is crisp and clean…the sky is a brilliant blue…I can hear geese flying overhead…robins are in the yard looking for breakfast…and I hear the croaking of frogs. Spring has sprung and the earth is teaming with life! Yes, soon the frogs will be evicted from my pool, the empty nest in the top of the budding tree will be full, the iris’ will shoot up in full glory and the windows will open. But, for today, the crisp air in my lungs and the sounds of life fill my heart and soul with a reminder of my blessings. Life. His Death. His Resurrection. My Salvation.

So I am taking this time to, once again, count my blessings.

#201. That glow that seems to come from the earth itself as the sun goes down; silhouettes of the trees as it melts downward

#202. Watching him work on the mower- capable hands and a mind for learning.

#203. I love him

#204. 2 kids sleeping late

#205. More answered prayer- the ability to breathe

#206. Yoga pants

#207. The joy in my new autistic friend’s eyes as he giggles, but no one knows why.

#208. Her excitement and joy and the hop and skip that follow when I agree that she can wear a dress today.

#209. He asks if I can write a blog about waffles. (His mind is opening)

#210. He sits quietly, concentrating on a word find before school.

#211. …and his excitement when he finds the word “trustworthy” because “It’s a BIG word!”…yes it is. Bigger than he knows.

#212. Freshly cut apples with dip

#213. She sings

#214. A morning sky saturated with pink painted colors across the middle…layers of watercolor.

#215. Taking the kids on a spontaneous adventure to Chuck E Cheese- the joy of surprise

#216. The smoldering sound of a saxophone…old familiar songs Red Light, Blue Light

#217. The smell of a newborn baby

#218. They color and create in the morning

#219. Women seeking God

#220. An open door for growth- the moment you know it’s right and buy a ticket.

#221. He sees that one rifle is marked with his father’s initials. A connection for a son who didn’t have a relationship with his father.

#222. A warm home with a blazing woodstove

#223. Snow- a reminder of His love for me.

#224. As he’s leaning on the counter, she scoots a stool over and climbs up next to him, “Dad, I need to talk to you.”

#225. Quietly serving as the party proceeds. I may complain about my desire to be a Mary, but truth is I love being a Martha.

#226. She says “Thank you Mommy for doing my hair.” A simple statement that reminds me how much I love being a mom.


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