Oh what a night!

Wednesday night…the usual evening would consist of a quick dinner followed by a hurried shuffle out the door. Off to church for choir, Bible study, Tree Climbers (boys group) and nursery duty. My husband is one of the teachers in the Wednesday night boys group. They have quite a crowd in that room and last week had to lay down some firm rules and expectations as far as conduct goes. Of course, our son was one of the boys who was “suspended” from coming this week due to his behavior. That posed a challenge. I am on the nursery rotation and my husband is teaching the group that my son cannot participate in. What do to? To complicate matters, the sinus ailment that has been making it’s rounds worked it’s way back into our home Monday and I was the lucky recipient. I had to stay away from those blessed little babies tonight…and feel like I have been hit by a train and my face is killing me (insert joke here). Needless to say, tonight was a night of less than ideal circumstances. But, I am convinced that God had his hands all over it

I sent my hubby and daughter on to church. I, then, explained to my son that his bad behavior last week was not a free pass to stay home and play. While I would rather be in bed with some sinus meds, I was resolved to go over the lesson he was missing tonight. What a wonderful opportunity this became. Tonight, in their class, they would be talking about the shepherds (Luke 2:8-11) as they tended their sheep and the visit they got from the angel announcing Jesus’ birth. My son has two Bibles; one King James version which was given to him by a Sunday School teacher, and a NIrV (NIV early reader edition) which was given to him by my hubby. My son likes reading from the KJV because that’s the one his class uses to memorize the verses at church. But, tonight I asked him to read the passage from both versions. This sparked a conversation that took quite a few turns. It started with the notion that it’s ok to read both versions simultaneously so he can gain a better understanding of what is going on. Then, it turned to “what is the function of a shepherd?”…and before you knew it we were off on an adventure with young David and Saul’s son Jonathan.  I saw “the lights come on” in his little eyes, questions flowing…and then he was on his feet acting it out! It was hard to stop.

Watching sheep…in his mind that was kind of like watching grass grow. Boring sheep. Eating, sleeping, getting lost. Ho hum. I explained that it was not like that at all. So, I turned to 1 Samuel and began reading. We read about how David was chosen by God but remained in his position as a shepherd for a time…he played music for Saul…brought food for his brothers to the battle lines. Then we got to the part when David told of battling bears and snatching sheep from a lions jaws as part of his shepherding duties. “WHAT?!”, he exclaimed. Tending sheep was not so boring after all. He asked me to keep going. When I read to my kids I tend to get a little animated, so when we came to the story of David and Goliath I was just getting started. My son started asking questions and getting into it while acting out the sequences. It was a blast! Then I had to back up because when David and Jonathan became friends it reminded me of how Jonathan and his armor bearer went into the Philistine camp alone and stirred them up with full confidence and faith in the Lord. ADVENTURES! It was easy to see what likely drew Jonathan and David together. They both had 100% confidence in the Lord’s ability to win the battle for them. They both had a faith, confidence and boldness that we all should have…and a confidence that excited my son as we read.

I enjoyed every second of our time together and wish bedtime hadn’t come so early. I can’t wait to do it again…maybe I need to make a Bible costume collection so we can REALLY have fun with it. Costumes or no costumes…it was the best show ever and I can’t wait for the sequel.


One thought on “Oh what a night!

  1. At first, I was thinking ‘awwwww, how sad, she’s sick and couldn’t go to church,’ but by the time I reached the end of your post, I was thinking that staying home from church never sounded so good! Bravo for taking what the devil meant for bad and making it a blessing, not just for you and your son, but for your readers, too!

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