Go tell it on the mountain!

capture_21Sing and make music from your heart to the Lord…  Ephesians 5:19

Worship the Lord with gladness; come before him with joyful songs.  Psalm 100:1

My son has always loved singing and has a beautiful voice. He sings in the car, in the shower, and in his room. “Gee. I wonder where he gets that from?”, I ask myself in a sarcastic tone. He is in the choir and they had been practicing for their Christmas musical. A few weeks ago, he came to me and confessed that he loves to sing but didn’t want to get up in front of all of those people. So I proceeded to give him all the reasons he needs to sing…”You’re singing to God…you’re sharing the story of Jesus birth…it’s not about you…you have a beautiful voice which God gave you to share…”. It was quite an impressive dissertation- if I do say so myself. Then turn to see my husband. He was sitting at the kitchen table- laughing with his head down. “What?” I asked. “Did you just hear everything you just said?” Oh FOOEY!! This was going to be one of those times when my words as a parent were going to come back to bite me.

My son is the apple which fell DIRECTLY off my tree. I sing. I sing at the top of my voice with the windows down and in the shower at the top of my lungs. The thought of singing in front of people has always petrified me. I recall singing in front of the congregation as a child with my dress pulled up in front of my face so I couldn’t see the people. (Nevermind being embarrassed about my underwear showing.) As a teen in the church choir I took the stage with a red face and neck. And yes, I even turned red in the face as I stood in front of the church on our wedding day. The anxiety of standing in front of all of those people was awful. Talking to a complete stranger- yes. Talking in a small group setting- yes. Talking in front of a large group of people whether I know them or not- absolutely, positively NO!

Ok…so I was “preaching to the choir” in that conversation with my son and I knew it. So I made the wager. “If you can do it…singing, choreography, everything that is expected of you- then I will join the church choir.”. What was I thinking?! This past Sunday- he did it. Every wave of the hand, tap of the foot, every word and every note….HE DID IT. I am so proud of him! In a recent post titled “Faded Blooms”, I asked the question “what gifts am I not using as God intended?”….yikes. I asked! God answered. I don’t think it’s socially acceptable for me to sing with my dress over my head at this age. So look for me on Sundays to come. I’ll be the one with the red face.wpid-capture_24-1.png

P.S.- My daughter’s choir sang tonight. Wow, what a contrast. Holding her dress up? Yes. Spins, turns, multiple curtesies, leading early and loudly. She even came off stage several times for hugs from Daddy. What a performance. How do I possibly follow THAT?


One thought on “Go tell it on the mountain!

  1. I’m so glad he did it! I just knew you were going to have to join the Chior!! YAY I know you will do well your voice is beaituful its time to share it and bless others as you praise God!

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