Where did that week go?

All streams flow into the sea, yet the sea is never full.  Ecclesiastes 1:7

What has been done will be done again; there is nothing new under the sun. Ecclesiastes 1:9

That is how I feel about my laundry today. It’s never-ending, like many things in this life. It’s always there….always needs to be done….always done- but never DONE. I encourage you to sit and read Ecclesiastes in full some time. It cleared the cloudiness from the lense I have been looking through for the past week. Where in the world did that week go anyways? In short- surgery, sickness, kids, Thanksgiving, death of a dear friend’s father, dinner theatre, family time, Christmas tree, and funeral. Yes, that is the short version. This was my time to rest- doctors orders. I should have been off of my feet for a day or so and should have been fine. I know the strep complicated things for me and my daughter. Whenever there are sick kids involved, sick parents always come last. My sister was here to help and my husband would have had everything under control (if I had let him).  The fog of pain meds only slowed me down a bit- but there is very little that can stop an A.D.D. brain coupled with a stubborn woman when there are things to be done. Here I am, a week later- still sick, tired and yet feeling a sense of peace that can only be God-given, but very much missing my quality time with the Lord. Why can’t I just be still?

I am sure you have had weeks like this. Bible study didn’t happen, I didn’t make it to church, my prayer life was small, and I became so focused on trying to keep up that I ended up setting myself back. Sunday, my husband banished me to the couch with the remote and some hot tea, while he went on to teach the three year old Sunday School class. I had strict orders to leave the laundry alone and do nothing. I couldn’t comply. I didn’t want to do it….it’s not my favorite thing in the world, but there was SO much of it. When he got home from church he said, “How am I supposed to be your Superman if you won’t let me.”  While I am capable, even in illness, there are times I need to sit down and let him take over.

Let me tell you….God is always right on time! I looked up on the tack board in the kitchen and this is what I saw.

From Open Windows Devotions

You see, this problem is not new to me. This is a daily struggle for me and sometimes I get carried away. (Which is why this particular page was pinned up in the kitchen as a reminder.) God is in control- not me. I desperately need to learn to be still and let Him work….let Him heal me….let Him move my family…let Him provide….let Him be LORD. All of this other stuff is just stuff. It’s not eternally important and will still be here day in and day out.  It’s so easy to let life roll me over and way too easy to let my time with God get lost in that flow. This week,  I will resolve to be still. Literally.


One thought on “Where did that week go?

  1. Ohhhh, girl, we are cut from the same cloth! Even a C-section couldn’t keep me from stripping and remaking the beds when I got home. Laundry, dishes, dust and dirt…it’s like my hubby the landscaper letting the grass grow – not gonna happen! Thank you for the wonderful reminder that we aren’t alone in these struggles, that we have girlfriends in God that face them, and that The Lord told us to be still for a multitude of reasons! Praying you will sit! 🙂

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